The GATSBY GLAMOUR 1920’s-2013

The GATSBY GLAMOUR 1920's-2013

F. Scott Fitzgerald made the Great Gatsby into a glamourous, romantic tragedy. I’ve read the book over and over I even saw the original movie it was amazing. The glamorous parties to the glitzy fashion of Daisy. This movie has been remade but still has the touch of what the movie is meant to be. The fabulous fashion and glamorous lifestyle leads the years of today’s fashion. If u want to be Gatsby Glamour u can buy a pale pink dress that’s probably $50 at the most and sparkling mid-high heels which captures the essence of what these women wore in the roaring 20’s and you can buy tons of pearl necklaces and put them together to make them overlap. The style of the Glamorous 20’s ill never escape our fashion history.


2 thoughts on “The GATSBY GLAMOUR 1920’s-2013

  1. this shooting is super! pure love

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    High fashion is also for you. ❤

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