Fun in the Summer Sun!!!!!!!

Fun in the Summer Sun!!!!!!!

Summer is approaching and it’s gonna be a day of R&R. When u go to the beach u go to relax, meet new people, tan, surf, or to look cute. When people go to the beach they forget a few tips to help them be style savvy and protected. 1. SPF is a must have u need to protect ur skin from all the harsh sunlight and so u won’t get blotchy skin.2. Sunglasses are needed at the beach, if ur out in the sun it can age ur skin and give u dark circles.3. Ladies bathing suits are a way to meet guys and find out if he’s ur dream guy or not. Women think the less u wear can get u any guy but in facts women who wear whole bathing suits and not 2 pieces draws more attention because men like mystery and tends to come after what they can’t have.4. Keep upon ur reading, if you’re just tanning at the beach u want something to do so take a magazine or a book that u haven’t finished reading( I recommend Hunger Games) and last but not least HAVE FUN!!!!


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