Fall has arrived and it’s time to revamp our look from the summer. There are alot of beauty products that come and go year round so what made the list this year? Let’s start with the eyes it’s fall so if u do a simple eye you can use the new Maybelline Rocket mascara to draw attention to ur lushes lashes. Another trend is bold lips, on the runway bold lips were everywhere whether it was red or plum. MAC makeup has been created to set ur lips to turn ur lips from Boring to Bold. Many celebs have collaborated with this brand like Rihanna she is known for rockin a bold lip and u fashionistas can rock it as well. The hair trend is flawless Nexxus and Garnier are to shampoos that leave ur hair bouncy as well as shiny. Far as skin, bb cream by garnier or maybelline is good because they help bring out ur natural glow another that helps with blemishes and dark marks is olay or Estee Lauder serum. These r all u need to look fab through the season. BE FABULOUS!!!


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