Tres’ Chic…Les Cinq Amandes!!!!

Tres' Chic...Les Cinq Amandes!!!!

It all started in Europe in mid 1700’s, at weddings guest would offer almonds that symbolized health, happiness, wealth, longevity, and fertility. The Les Cinq Amandes has continued with this tradition by offering the best handmade dragées to anyone. These are delicate candies that are a sense of simplicity and meaning to anyone who enjoys candies. These candies are luxury and are sent with the dedication of one’s hearts and the taste of poetry. I got my almonds today and it was so good and handcrafted at it’s best, these delicate almonds can be the perfect gift for anyone u care for. At a low price you can brightens someone hearts with these candies with a story made behind it.
For readers you get 10% off your first purchase enjoy…HAPPY HOLIDAYS
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