Fashion Alliance!!!!

Fashion Alliance!!!!

As though we look to our higher power of style queens like Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, and Kim Kardashian, I think that we should look at the big names of Teen Hollywood. Kendall&Kylie Jenner, Zendaya, and China Anne McClain, are just a few of the names that catch my eye. These girls are very talented and all have impressive style resumes. I’m 18 so it’s only right to keep up with the Jenner sisters. Kendall and Kylie are sisters with very different styles. Kendall is more on the sweet and pure side of fashion, and Kylie is the edgy side. I love Kendall’s style but I think my style Leans more to Kendall, with the bright lipsticks, and edgy outfits, these are stylish girls. Zendaya is so stylish, I watched her on Shake it up and watched as her style progressed and as it did I couldn’t stop watching her fabulous fashion. At the AMA’s she wore this all white outfit and had the hair of a mermaid. White is pure and gives the feel of angelic, but sometimes white dosen’t look good on everyone. Angelina Jolie wore a white pants suit and she looked so gracious. Zendaya reminds me of Aaliyah her style and humble spirit will take her far. China Anne McClain has been on TV since House of Payne but as she grew I noticed alot of things that were different. On Ant Farm I watched episode after episode looking at her fashion choices and they were awesome. Her style is so great, she has a billion talents, and her hair is amazing. China is a fantastic girl, she can dress and she reminds me of my 15 year old sister. These girls are very different but very much the same, and this is young Hollywood.


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