Comic Book City!!

Comic Book City!!

I know that 90% of the time I talk about movies, celebs, fashion, and trendy things, but the one thing u might not know about me is I’m a huge comic book geek. I grew up on watching Batman and the Hulk, and as I grow up all these franchises such as Xmen, and Iron man, The Dark Knight and much more have expanded my love for each superhero or villains individually. I drew these characters earlier in the summer because I always wanted to collaborate with a great director and make my own movie. I love to draw I don’t think its a hidden talent but I think that I’m 18 and its a great way to express myself. Oneday in hopes of becoming a fashion designer, model, director, writer, layout artist, and plenty more I have such a creative imagination about how I want things to look and I want to be known for my billions of talent.


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