2 Rome With Fashion!!!

2 Rome With Fashion!!!

So, yesterday I showed u my comic sketches today I’m showing my fashion sketches inspired by my fave fashion influences. The top left is influenced by how I perceive NY fashion to be. NYC being the fashion spot of the U.S. I take it as women and men walking pass one another in a runway manor being there’s a designer shop on every street. The second is inspired by Mariah Carey, when I think of this songstress I automatically think of the perfect voice and lots and lots of glitter. Mariah Carey Is known for her voice and being a Diva so I drew what I would really love to see with if I were to style her. The last towards the bottom is inspired by Blake Lively’s Glamour shoot. To me she can do no wrong when it comes to styling. I drew this as “If I were styling her, or she wore a design of mine what would I want to see her in?” One day in hopes of becoming a fashion designer I would love to style these amazing people along with a list of others. Hope u like my sketches more than I do.


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