WE CAN DO THIS ALL NIGHT: Golden Globes 2014

WE CAN DO THIS ALL NIGHT: Golden Globes 2014

Startin the new years with the most fabulous awards show, redcarpets, and celebs the Golden Globes 2014 is approaching in a week. I love watching the award shows best&worst dressed, the redcarpet, who’s coming, all the good stuff. I’ve watched closely to see who’s gonna fall, who’s gonna have the longest speech, which sexy actor will be showing up, it’s so exciting. This years awards will be awesome sauce, I can feel it. In prep they always show the pre-RedCarpet, which is talking about the best and worst fashion, the RedCarpet which is current, and then the award show. Tina Fey and Amy Poeler will be hosting which will be funny as ever. American Hustle will be up for a nomination as well as 12 years a slave, which are both amazing movies. So excited to see what happens this year.

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