Golden Globes 2014 #Awesomesauce

Golden Globes 2014 #Awesomesauce

Best way to start off the award season. Amy and Tina were so hilarious, the first 6 minutes of the show was funny as well as the whole show. Jennifer Lawrence took the first award of the night and alot of movies and TV shows scored big last night. Brooklyn nine-nine, American Hustle, and Gravity grabbed the most awards, also Steve McQueen got an award for 12 years a Slave. There were many great presenters Chris Hemsworth, Johnny Depp, hilarious Robert Downey jr. Among the men the honored Woody Allen, and Cate Blanchett nabbed an award for Blue Jasmine. The great Leonardo DiCaprio and his costar Mat. McConaughey got awards with Jared Leto. This was the best night, full of fun, laughing, drinks, and awards. I had an amazing time laughing along with the audience and cheering for everyone. This was one freakin amazinng award show, can’t wait for the many more award shows to come.


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