SAG Awards 2014:#Simply Irresistible

Okay this has been a great week for awards and the movies are snagging more awards than ever. This is not the end if award season it’s just the beginning. Today is SAG awards and the films that have gotten the most praise are American Hustle, Leonardo DiCaprio in Wolf of Wall Street, Gravity, and 12Years a Slave. . Thesemovies have gotten numerous awards and not going to end. There have been changes in an award category Tom Hanks has been clipped from the BeIMG_20140118_2st Actor category and put in his place is none other than Christian Bale for American Hustle. When I found this out I was a little shocked but I do love Christian Bale. A movie that I loved is Wolf of Wall Street, this movie was so funny and dropping the F bomb 500+ times takes alot of skill. Today I will be keeping up with all the latest and blogging off to the world about the show..Enjoy ur night!


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