FlashBack…Best & Worst…#Grammys

FlashBack...Best & Worst...#Grammys

When I look at the Grammys, I look at the fashion, performances, and expression onwho wins. When I look back at past Grammys shows and red carpet, I think “they should have worn this”, or “they could have performed better”, but here’s my best and worst. To me there are 5 women who knocks it out the ballpark every year: Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Lady Gaga, and Alicia Keys. These are great women who make my best dressed list every year. To me far as costumes Lady Gaga can wear a paper bag and make it look chic, she can pull off everything because of her winning personality, Mother Monster more like Mother of Fashion. Beyonce has sparkled and shine through the years, this year with her new album she will stun and perform perfectly. When I talk about worst many come to mind such as M.I.A showing up pregnant with a sky blue mini tutu dress….so bad!!!!Also another is Jennifer Lopez in a Versace dress, Versace is a fashion house and she did not wear it right AT ALL!!!! Taking a trip down memory lane Toni Braxton wore….might as well say..Nothing. For celebs to win and have millions of dollars u would think they would take time to look in a mirror. Performances are amazing my favorite was when P!nk performed on that highwire and didn’t lose a tune. This year Iknow I will be amazed with the fashion and performances, I can’t wait to tell my readers what I see this Sunday.
Xoxo ūüôā


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