BAFTA Awards 2014!! Celeb Gala

BAFTA Awards 2014!! Celeb Gala

When I say this brought out the best in acting, you believe me 100%. First let’s start with nominations Gravity and 12 years a Slave grabbed the most and come March 2 you can get a clear prediction of who’s gonna win the most awards. Amongst the celebs all nominees were out from the Gorgeous Lupita Nyong’o to the handsome Leonardo DiCaprio, this season Oscars will be awesome. One couple I wasso excited to see was the always sexy couple known as Brangelina. They are a couple that you always want to see on the redcarpet, they turned heads with their matching tuxedos. They played matching couple very well. We know their gonna turn heads come Oscar night. The BAFTA’s also brought out Christian Bale who looked handsome with his wife Sibi, and his Dark Knight Rises costar Tom Hardy. In fashion there were a lot that turn heads, as always Lupita stunned in Emerald Green, she looked so elegant, Cate Blanchett looked beautiful in her black glitter number and another star who turned heads was Amy Adams, the American Hustle star looked fabulous.
I have gotten myself so excited for the Oscars, I can’t wait to see all the fabulous stars, and nominated movies,the amazing night will be full of excitement.


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