Oscars Leading Men!!!

If anyone has come across my blog you can notice that I am a celeb junkie. I love watching award season, full of glamour, and it gives me so much to talk about. The Academy Awards is approaching swiftly, and I have had my eyes on each category, but this year my attention is set on the leading men category. This year has all my favorite actors all in one category, so when they announce the winners I will be on the edge of my seat. Here is the nominees…..
Chiwetel Ejiofor is nominated for his amazing acting skills in 12 years a Slave. I really enjoy this movie, it was really raw and made me a emotional, but helped me to understand the background history of Solomon and his struggle from free man turned slave. This movie has gotten so much good critique and has gotten the public’s attention in a good way.
Christian Bale, one of my fave actors if I may add, is nominated for his work as a con artist in American Hustle. This is a movie that played as comedy and a little drama, but I loved it overall. This is Bale’s second nomination, his first was The Fighter which was also directed by David O’Russell. This movie has gotten so much buzz, and earlier this year it was known that Christian was taking the spot of Tom Hanks for Captain Phillips. I can’t wait for results on March 2, I’ll be waiting.
Alright, Alright, Alright, Mat. McConaughey is nominated for the strong movie Dallas Buyers Club. This movie is very powerful, and I commend him on his dedication to this head strong role. While watching this movie it’s also a teaching about how AIDS can affect you mentally and emotionally and how this man went above and beyond to find a cure for this epidimic. I really love Matthew’s acting and happy that he is getting noticed for this leading role.
Leonardo Dicaprio is OMG in Wolf of Wall Street, I watched this movie over and over, and loved it every single time. He really got into this role and America as well as I loved his role. This young stockbroker turned to drugs and he made it so sexy. This movie is a movie that is funny but in reality is just sad. I enjoyed his acting and commitment to the character.
You see the leading men category is so hard, and come March 2, I’ll be watching in Awe and will let everyone know come March 3.


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