The Powerhouse: Angelina Jolie!!

Angelina Jolie has stunned us all and made a name for herself with her wonderful acting skills and humanitarian efforts of the world. Angelina is like the Queen of Hollywood, she Wow’s on the red carpet with her plus one Brad Pitt, she is a mother of 6, UN ambassador, and a humanitarian all over the world. I’ve always liked Angelina Jolie from her tough roles in Tomb Raider and Mr.&Mrs.Smith to her more innocent roles like Changeling and voicing over as Tigress in Kung fu Panda. Her talent and wonderful personality has grabbed the worlds attention and continue to grab the hearts of men and women. She recently came out with having a double mastectomy which decreased 85% of breast cancer she is a strong symbol for women and that’s what we love about her.
When it comes to the Red carpet she is known for making a statement. Making her leg known as a signature pose for the red carpet, she has took over as the queen of Red Carpet season. Brad and Angelina has made more and more scream their names and now because of curiosity we look forward to them appearing on every red carpet premiere. Whether she is in Green or Chic Black, she is known for her quaint color choices. Brangelina is a known coupled name in Hollywood. They coordinate their styles, and look good doing it, the flirting, kissing, and fun interviews on the red carpet makes u gasp in “Awe”. I love them they are my favorite Hollywood couple.
A mother of 6, and looks good. From her first child to her last we have watched every single one grow into a young man and teen. Everytime I see them as a family they travel everywhere, some times just to have fun or understanding their culture they are always on the move. This family is a very active bunch and can’t wait to see if they will take on the actress role or the normal life.
Angelina is a true Humanitarian, she travels around the world giving and helping as many as possible. Numerous charities that she and Brad have created for Katrina, Cambodia, and Somalia, even more they have donated millions to fund these charities and have become ambassadors of the UN nations. I really love that aside from fame they manage to give to the entire world. She is a great person that shows her beautiful personality and is wonderful all over.
In the upcoming years Angelina will continue to create new projects that will catch the worlds eyes. This year Angelina already has a disney film playing Maleficient and making a directorial debut in Unbroken. Can’t wait to write more about her she is a true Hollywood Giver.


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