Oscar Vault: Best & Worst Red Carpet

The Oscars are like the Super Bowl of award season. The most exciting night brings out the biggest Hollywood celebs of the big screen. I can’t wait until Sunday, this is a preparation of all that I will be looking for come Oscar night.
On the Red carpet there are lots to talk about, who’s gonna wear the best dress or WORST, best hair and makeup, or what’s gonna come out of the nominees mouth, we always look for these things because it’s what makes this night amazing.
When it comes to past red carpets many celebs come to mind, the first is the beautiful Halle Berry. Halle Berry’s first red carpet for her nomination in Monsters Ball, she looked so beautiful in that sheer Versace red gown it was gorgeous. Even at last years Oscar for the tribute to James Bond, she looked so sexxy. From one beauty to the next Charlize Theron is gorgeous as is and the face of Dior, so it’s known that nothing touches her body but Dior, she looked so gorgeous for her nomination for Monster. I loved this gown can she be more beautiful, I kind of have a clue what she’s wearing this year. Another Dior face is Jennifer Lawrence, she won an Oscar for Silver Linings Playbook and looked so gorgeous in a Red Dior Couturegown. She oozed sex appeal but managed to show more of funny personality, but I think more eyes was what she was wearing. With her being nominated for
American Hustle can’t wait to see what she’s wearing this year. Angelina Jolie is arguably the most beautiful women ever, she is a trending red carpet leading lady, but the black Versace dress she wore last year with the extended leg out, that is a known moment to make history. I love Angelina this working women wears black on filming set but when it comes to Red Carpet she stuns every time. Octavia Spencer wore a beautifully draped cream gown when she won best supporting actress for The Help, another thing to put to her list of winnings, she can add fashionista. As for the many more that will attend the world including myself know who will show up looking great as always, and the others who will only have (clear throat) …..certain things that I love.

When there’s best dressed there’s always a worst dressed list. BJORK…………there’s not much to say except, look before you come to the Oscars. As much as you hate the worst dressed list you love it because it gives you more to talk about, and they are kind of being noticed more than best dressed.
I can’t wait until Oscar night full of celebs that made movie magic and new things added, like P!nk performing. This is gonna be the best night everrr.


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