7 Spring Trends that Scream…SPRING FEVER!!!

1. Spring Fever Fashionistas:
Well, Spring has arrived and it’s time to prepare for more trends, but also weather. Spring fashion is the best, its the season after Winter and before hot Summer weather. When it comes to Spring I think of pretty pink shades, blues, nudes, and Lilacs. I think its time for Spring cleaning, and I’m happy to shop and throw dresses and skirts in my closet. If you love fashion like I do(of course) you really pay attention to this fun and flirty season. I’m obsessed with jeggings and cute peplum tops which are very trendy, during this variety of weather.
2. Walk in my Shoes:
Shoes make the outfit whether its a flat sandal or a high Stiletto, Spring brings all the shoes in a circle for your preference of choice. I love heels but Spring weather can be unpredictable, it’s cold than it’s hot, it rains then its over the rainbow at the end of the day. I think the safest shoe are wedges, Why? Well, the most important they are sturdy, stable, and comfortable…..trust me I know. I am in love with shoes I have everything from sneakers to 7″ pumps, there’s nothing I don’t have. When shopping for the perfect shoe do 3 things:
1. Go through 3 shoe sizes ( your size, a size small, and a size big) not all shoes fit the same
2. Walk around on the flat surface( to get better feeling)
3. Stand up for a minute ( if u can do that your good to go)
3. Fresh Face, Flawless:
Spring makeup is the best because it’s mostly natural. Makeup in the Spring is mostly eyes and lips. Okay, this is really, really important if you’re doing a bold look pick which you want to draw attention to the luscious bold lip or dramatic cat or smoky eye. I’m more of a bold lip whether its a bright pink or daring red. I’m very natural and it’s the easiest makeup choice season you have to make. Its Spring be Flirty, Fun, and Fabulous.
4. Making a Bold Statement:
Jewels are something I wish I could have more of, the trend this year are bold statement necklaces. I love a big necklace, sometimes I think I’m a Jersey Girl, “Gaudy” should be my middle name. If you wanna stay on trend buy a chunky necklace it can’t get easier than that.
5. Nailed It:
I get my nails done every couple weeks and I love getting the latest nail polish, or the latest cut talons, coffin styled I love it. This Spring is Pink and Nudes for me. I really think light colors not only embody the season but it , I’m always happy when I get my nails done. Stilettos are very popular Rihanna, Beyoncé, and Fergie all sport the nail trend.
6. Handbag Galore:
Fashionistas lookout for the latest bags for the season. Handbags are great and while we can’t all have Hermés and Celiné bags there are bags that are identical and affordable. I use to get my bags from local malls but Shoedazzle has been my go to site , the bags are fashionable and affordable…my type of go-to. Structured bags have really been popular Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba, and Ciara all sport them and as seen very gorgeous. I think that this season in the Blogger Society I’ve seen more clutches then ever, if you’re struggling to find one H&M, Forever 21, and Charlotte Russe are the most stylish establishments that have a variety of these bags. I think that these bags are amazing, in the mood to shop already.
7. Hair Obsessed:
Jennifer Lawrence, Demi Lovato, Khloe Kardashian, are all adapted to changing their hair, keeping us talking about whether I should chop it, color it, or go full Ombré. I am a person who loves seeing other people change their look but I’m very subtle on changes. I think that one hair trend I will try it’s very bombshell and its a little natural so I can handle it. When we see are favorite celebs with a hair style it’s only are nature to try the look. Spring season is full of hair changes I think I’ll try it.


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