Spring Style Fabulous!!!


Spring Style is a great style season, its full of soft tones and bold statements, so what trends do I look forward to seeing? Here are my top 5 style trends that will make you a trendsetter.

1. Soft Pinks and Nudes:
I really think Pinks screams Spring, As Jessica Alba and other stars sport this trend wearing a pale tone can put you into a variety of categories such as; Flirty, Chic, or even sporty. If you want to be Flirty try to match Pale pinks and nudes with other soft colors like different shades of pink and florals( nothing says girly like flowers). If you want to be Spring Chic you can sport nudes with a dark color like ; navy blue or black, just to add more flavor throw on some cat-eye shades or big frames you’re guaranteed to get noticed. Sporty Spring is simple just add a sorority styled jacket and BOOM…you’re sporting the sports style.

2. Maxi Style:
When it comes to Maxi dresses this is the most talked about spring trend that everyone will try. Maxi dresses are very comfortable Spring wear, whether you pair this dress with a heel or a flat you will still manage to be in you’re comfort zone.

3. Go Bright or Go Home:
If you’re gonna do Neon in the Spring there’s a certain way to wear it. Neon is great for the Spring but when wearing only choose one piece of clothing to have Neon. What ever the color of choice is (take note) always pair it with a a dark tone or a solid color, NEVER pair it with another bright color because you’ll look like you glow in the dark. Neon can be worn you just have to choose your outfits wisely.

4. Florals For Spring:
Spring is the season for flowers whether they grow in your yard or in your closet florals are a great print for Spring. When wearing a floral print its kind of like Neon colors except Florals can be worn with either a dark or pale tone as long as its a solid color. When you do Florals you’re already a trendsetter ready for Spring.

5. Who wears Short Shorts:
Shorts are a definite Spring Trend, if you follow celebs like I do then you notice Beyoncé, Zendaya, and others sport this spring style. When wearing shorts to avoid making this trend ummm…..not look trashy, avoid wearing shorts and crop tops, you don’t wanna show off everything( if you’re trying to impress a boy) you’re leaving less to the imagination. I think that wearing shorts and long blazers are very sophisticated for spring, also dressing in layers are great. Spring still has up and down weather so a scarf, hat, and glasses will take you far this season.

Spring is a great time to try new trends now that the weather is great. Enjoy being fabulous.


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