Coachella 2014: Fun, Celebs, Fashion and Music!!


Coachella has been filled with surprises, fun, and a lot of fashion. Let’s start with with Fashion:
With Coachella being in the Mist of Spring fun there was a ton of dark colors. The Jenner sisters, Kendall and Kylie went full Goth Hippie, also Rita Ora took a dodge at sporting the dark trend. WARNING! Coachella is a music festivity of light environment the Goth trend did not appeal to me. Others who attended were Vanessa Hudgens, and Alessandra Ambrosio who always look ready for Coachella, they both embodied the fun hippie trend with Spring colors such as Pinks and airy colors. Loved the look they looked very fashionable and comfy.

The celebs were out for this fun event, a lot of PDA and Selfies were in the mix. Jared Leto who showed his Coachella spirit surprised fans by taking selfies, Leonardo with his lovely lady danced all night, Emma Roberts and her boyfriend packed on a lot of PDA so did Joe Jonas and his Girl. Others in attendance Katy Perry, Steven Tyler, and all celebs possible enjoyed this event.

Music was playing all night Nas and Jay Z hit the stage to perform 2 songs together, sisterly love came to be when Beyonce appeared by her sister’s side as they performed, Outcast reunited to hit the stage and Ellie Goulding was also a must see. 

Lots more to see at Coachella, can’t wait for more!!!


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