Met Gala 2014!!


Glitz, Glamour, and tons of celebrities, the Met Gala this year was full of whites, golds, and shades of pink, everyone brought their A game. There were a ton of couples and did they pack on the PDA? Of course they did. From Jay Z and Beyonce to Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, every couple looked gorgeous.
I think my best dressed couple was Blake and Ryan Reynolds, they both wore Gucci, and embodied the roaring 20’s theme which is glamorous. They both walked hand n hand and even got a little handsy.
Next couple who blew my mind was Kanye and Kim Kardashian, they were a huge step up from last year, they looked so Regal and fabulous.
Beyonce and Jay Z looked gorgeous together, but it wasn’t mindblowing, though they are Music’s biggest Hollywood couple you expect them to be the best dressed to whatever event, but don’t get me wrong their Jay z and Beyonce, they look good.
Some celebs walked the long carpet alone like Lupita who ROCKED in green, and Kate Bosworth, who looked darling in a pale pink.


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