Mr. and Mrs. West:Wedding of the Year (RoundUp)

The Wedding of the Year has finally happened, Kim and Kanye wedding was the most extravagant wedding since the “Royal Wedding” of Princess Kate and Prince William. Kim and Kanye’s wedding rounded out to be $2.8 Million dollars and with the scenery of Italy and gigantic wall of roses I can see why.

Kim did it RIGHT when it came to style, she wore a beautiful all white gown by Givency, that showed all her curves, as for the bridesmaids they looked nothing less of beautiful. She later changed into a Balmain dress and took tons of pics thst included her new husband Kanye, friends Lala Anthony, Big Sean, her sisters,and Jonathan Cheban.
The wedding seems to be finished right..WRONG. Kanye West gave a 20 minute heart-felt speech, as well as Bruce Jenner, far as food, the menu included tons of Tuscan Pastas, and far as desert the family was accompanied by a cake over 23 in. The wedding sounds so beautiful, it gets better.

While the wedding was beautiful, the scenery added even more ambiance. The wedding took place in a beautiful Italian venue, A wall of roses try 2, Kim had the Wall of roses that were given to her on Mother’s Day accompanied by another one.
Skipping to the ending, fireworks sounded off the same way they did when Kanye proposed. This was such a beautiful wedding, and since the wedding has been talked about on every major pop culture network.
Congrats, and may you have a beautiful, happy future together.



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