Methodology/Collection 5: Cubism Meets Chic!!

Okay Fashionistas, here’s a brand that is bound to get you excited. We all hear and see the best in Fashion Versace, Valentino, etc. but if you love art this is definitely a brand where Art meets Fashion.

Methodology, a Hong Kong based Fashion brand, screams FASHION in all the right ways. Based on Cubism, the beautiful garments in the collection is inspired by art is versatile as well.

This chic and trendy label is a brand that everyone will look for and in no time start experimenting with the looks.

I just love these looks, they switch from Runway to Street Style, day to night (Well, you get my point).

The designer behind this amazing brand, Glori Tsui, is definitely coming up in the Fashion World.

Check out this brand and take a chance with your style!!!





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