Take Your Pick!!


I love Summer, the Warmth, the everyday sun shine, but most of all I love SUMMER SHOPPING!! Summer is the best time to shop because there are like a million fashion trends that are set for fashionistas like you and I. Every trend is Bold, Bright, short or long, and these are the trends I love to share.

When you think of skirts, you may think it’s “ONLY” a “Summer thing” but rethink this thought, when you look at fashion shows, and celebrities they wear it yearly.
I am not a big fan of skirts, but most recently I have invested in the most trendiest skirts that have been the talk the season #2014.

There are 4 types of skirts that my lovely fashionistas should take a look at:
1. Peplum Skirts
2. Maxi Skirt
3. Tulle Skirt
4. The famous Pencil Skirt

These skirts can be mixed and matched with various pieces to make skirts wearable all year round.
Peplum Skirts a trend that is dubbed “the most popular” trend that is worn, I couldn’t agree more. I first saw this trend on my favorite reality star Kim Kardashian, in 2012, this trend has since shot through the world of fashion appearing in numerous fashion collections and Hollywood. This trend is here to stay.
Maxi skirts are definitely a summer trend, being mostly worn as a style inspired by the Bohemian style, Vanessa Hudgens in my book is a “Bohemian Goddess” she rocks this trend every chance she gets. This is an amazing trend it can be played down and simple or you can take a million chances at making a bold statement.
Tulle dresses is one of my favorite trends, they have moved from the Runway to streetstyle, and this is a trend that shot overnight. Many designers such as Balmain, or another Kardashian, Kourtney is a big fan of the babydoll inspired skirt. I’m in love with this skirt its cute, fresh, and can be worn as girly or chic.
Lastly, the Pencil skirt, this trend has been reborn. Back in the time of Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn, pencil skirts were dubbed as classy and elegant and early sexy, since then the 21st century has took this trend and made it pretty clear what this skirt trend represents. This is a Bombshell trend that not only shows off your curves but it gives you a sense of simplicity and elegance, you don’t need to do much to make this trend fashionable.

Now, my beautiful readers what’s your favorite skirt to wear this summer?



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