Floral Trend is in Bloom!!


“Florals…for the Spring, Groundbreaking”
– The Devil Wears Prada, Miranda Priestly

Florals are a print that is a go-to trend of the Spring ( so they say), but this trend has been reborn, and can be worn as a year round trend/print. This trend is great for the summer and here’s why.

The summer is full of pastel pinks, or bright, bold colors that pop in the summer sun, but florals have been a bold print that goes well with this season.
Being that the floral trend is reborn it has been seen on the biggest shows on the runway this year such as Ralph Lauren, BCBG, and Elie Saab.

This year florals is the way to go, its bold and sets the scene of sweet, soft, and elegant. Being that this trend is seen everywhere this year, it has topped my list of being the biggest print of the summer, and of this year.

This print has and always be the trendiest because of the simple fact, it can be worn in a variety of combinations. Everyone appreciates the simplicity, yet bold print that this trend gives off.

So fashionistas, what’s your go-to summer trend?



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