Style Spotlight: David Beckham and Rihanna


David Beckham a world renowned athlete, underwear model, father, trendsetter, and did I mention…underwear model. Rihanna also a trendsetter, rockstar, model, and oozes sex appeal.
These multi-talented style stars are today’s trendsetters and take the fashion world by storm. While these are two different people the comparisons are striking.

We have been following David Beckham since the beginning of his soccer career, and are still following this globe-trotting star to this day. David has accomplished a lot in his years of stardom having a successful marriage to fashion queen Victoria Beckham, a father of four, and also making women all over the world excited with his amazing H&M underwear ads. While David has accomplished a lot over the years he also nabs the title of style king/trendsetter with his suave fashion appeal.
From street style to campaign ads he rocks it all and does it well, he brings men’s fashion to a whole new level of chic, suave, and sophisticated.
We applaud you David and can’t wait to see more of you (and I do mean more).

Another successful fashionista is Rihanna, this young trendsetter has conquered the fashion world with minor alterations in hair styles and a couple risque style choices.
Rihanna has blossomed from sweet to sassy, and so has her fashion. She has set trends that have made it from runway to street style and while she has made it on big name covers of BAZAAR, Vogue, and Glamour, she also has become the favorites of some big name designers such as Lagerfeld, Chanel, and Balmain.
Rihanna will always be known to making various style and hair choices whether we love it or hate it, she always seems to make headlines with her bold choices.
We praise Rihanna for taking risque choices and setting trends we all adore today.



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