One Direction “Up All Night” Makeup Kit Review!!


Okay One Direction Fans here’s something that you’re going to adore. Compliments of Brandbacker One Direction has come out with the ultimate Makeup kit that compliments your look.

The kit is amazing it comes with; Mascara, nailpolish, eye palette, lipstick, and lipgloss, the ultimate tools to achieve your morning, noon ,or night time look.
Since, their are billions of “Direction Fans” I know that you don’t want to look like the next girl so their are 3 different kits to choose from and I’m gonna make it easy to choose from.

The first is ” Take Me Home”, this kit achieves the ultimate Summer time look. Express yourself with the bold yellow, silver, and lots of glitter. This is great for the Summer and get noticed by your crush.

The second is “Midnight Memories”, this kit is full of Rocker Chic, fun. The kit comes with colors of Red and black which gives you the edge you need. Remember the eyes are the key to the soul, and that’s exactly where you will be heading with this kit.

The last is “Up all Night”, this is the kit I chose to achieve the fun and flirty look. This kit has Pinks and shades of Blue that will have you up all night. I adore this kit it definitely gives you the look of fun & flirty, which is perfect for the summer.

If you haven’t noticed by now all the makeup kits are inspired by 1Direction songs, so to make it easier just choose based on your favorite song.

Check out more info about release dates and shipping arrangements at


This post is Sponsored by Brandbacker


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