The VMA’s this year was amazing, the great fashion, the amazing performances, and exciting surprises.

From clean couture to barely nothing the fashion was definitely something to talk about.
My favorite Fashionistas are ranked and here are my thoughts on the best dressed at the Video Music Awards.

Rounding out number 1 is Queen Bey herself Beyonce:
– Beyonce is Queen of not only her performances but always known for changing her looks year after year. Beyonce has taken over with her “on the run” tour and conquered the VMA’s in that chic’ black sheer number she wore on the red carpet. She was so elegant and may I add, Shut The Show Down!!!

Who came in 2nd, no other than Ms. Miley Cyrus:
– I usually say “NO” to anything Miley Cyrus wear, because she always so revealing, but this year she looked so sophisticated and sleek. Miley looked so beautiful. To be known, Miley was the only person that made me tear up during the VMA’s with raising awareness for the homeless. Gorgeous, Gorgeous, Gorgeous

My 3rd favorite is Demi Lovato:
– Demi Did Awesome with her look, she brought a classy sex appeal to a whole nother level. She looked like a classy Jessica Rabbit. I loved her look she totally was going to end up on best dressed.

4th I G G Y Azelea:
– The Australian rapper turned up her look, looking polished and sophisticated she definitely looked gracious. She got my vote for best dressed, she rocked the VMA’s..GReat Job Fashionista of Rap

Rounding out number 5 is MY HOLLA BACK Girl Gwen Stefani:
– The fashionable No Doubt singer rocked L.A.M.B couture, so pretty and pink.
She looked so gorgeous and fit for the VMA’s, I loved her look.

These are my top 5 best dressed of the VMA’s 2014

So tell me who was your best dressed at the VMA’s ?



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