One Lovely Blog Award!!!


A huge Thank you to HuiMin of huiminxoxo, thankyou for nominating me for the One Lovely Blog Award!! Its really been amazing following your blog and getting to know you, you and your spectacular blog are truly AMAZING.

Here are the rules of the award:
1. You must thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog.
2. You must list the rules and display the award.
3. You must add 7 facts about yourself.
4. You must nominate 15 other bloggers and comment on one of their posts to let them know they have been nominated.
5. You must display the award logo.

7 Facts About Me:

1. I Want to Be a Fashion Designer
I do aspire to be a Fashion Designer in the near future, I’ve been drawing for nearly 8 years and want to make my designs come to life. I know, a lot of people say ” Why don’t you just do it” or ” start at the art institute” nothing is really stopping me except of living at the BORING part of Virginia, HaHa. Now that I’m ,nearly 19(birthday 9/6) a lot is really starting to hit me, so I have really taken a multitude of steps like the fact I will be in attendance to RVA fashion Week.YAYYY!! In time my dreams will become reality.

2. I Love Drawing
– Apart from my dreams of designing, Drawing is a passion of mine. When I draw Its literally an escape away from school, worrisome friends/family, and any other problem. I’ve been drawing all my life, but didn’t start getting good until maybe at the age of 16 =D lol!!!
I love drawing any and EVERYTHING, from comicbooks to celebrities, and anything under the sun.

3 Obsessed Celeb- a -holic
I love celebs!! The fashion, drama, or any product that’s indorsed by a celeb, I’m on it!!! I think that I more drawn to celebrities that take their fame and put it to good use like; my favorite Brad and Angelina, true humanitarians who give millions of dollars to charity. Another is Lady Gaga I’m for anyone who supports the LGBTQ community. But, there are the celebs who seem to dazzle me with huge amounts of drama and great Fashion( I’m TALKING TO you KARDASHIAN KLAN) I sometimes can’t believe myself…lol=D

4. I want to be a Movie Director
I LOVE MOVIES!!!! I watch movies like its apart of my religion. Lord of the Rings Sequel, Hunger Games, Mission Impossible, I love them all. I would lovvvveee to get to work with Peter Jackson.

Coffee, Coffee,Coffee morning, noon, night, coffee, coffee, coffee, you are such a delight. I love coffee, and usually adults have coffee, I’ve been drinking coffee since I was 15 years old. I can’t help its something that is really relaxing for me. I was drinking 1 cup a day, from then on it increased A LOT!!! Maybe one day as I get older I shy away from it but not tomorrow=)

6. I have an Instagram
This is something that I don’t know why it took so long to make, but I love it. Everyone that I followed had a Instagram and everyone was like ” you don’t have a Instagram?” So, as of maybe the end of July I have an account . I really love that app, it really can be used in the best of ways far as connecting and getting anything out in the open. It seems like you have to post 45 pics a day in order to be popular, I’m just not one of those people. =D

WHHAATTT!! How can I be a trendsetter and don’t own the most prestigious piece of a girls closet. Well, I have a thing about skirts, I don’t really like showing my legs, the last time I wore a skirt was my freshman year in High School, let’s just say I had my “Marilyn Monroe” moment, and it wasn’t fabulous. It was so embarrassing and from then on I was against skirts. Now that I’m a sophomore in college, and I’m starting to discuss trends I do plan on looking the part. Maybe next time you see a post I will have overcome my fear of the most fabulous trend of what’s soon to be over…SUMMER!!

My Nominations:
1. Eymi Adrianza of,
– I adore her sense of style, she is definitely a trendsetter.
2. Franquoh & Franchomme of
– I love this site it really shines light on well tailored/ best dressed men, this site is definitely stylish
3.Annie of
– stylish, a how-to guide to being trendy in fashion, beauty, and food, LOVE IT
4. bohochiccafe, I love your blog its trendy, stylish, modern, J’adore your blog.

This was the most fun post I have done, thank you HuiMin once again for the nomination, you are definitely one in a million =D



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