My Favorites: NYFW 2014( Trends & Designer Edition)

(Photo Credit Vogue)


NYFW has been so much fun model after model, designer after designer, gown by another fabulous gown, it has been nonstop trends, celebs, and designers that have walked down the runway this year. Although NYFW has had many beautiful shows I’m here to discuss the shows who have grabbed my attention and set me into Fashion Overdrive

1. Michael Kors
– Michael Kors is a designer who I adore dearly, and at NYFW he stole the show with his use of collard button- downs and flared floral skirts. I’m a girl who loves floral print and mixing my favorite pattern and designers is amazing. From pastel pinks, to bold button- downs, he has familiarized everyone with the trend of the season.

2. Oscar de la Renta
– This designer makes me excited to see any piece created and gliding down the runway. Pale gowns eased down the runway capturing the attention of everyone there. Pales and Nudes along w/ billions of detailing and trimming brought tears to my eyes. The runway looked liked a modern day Grecian dream, it was so elegant and beautiful, this is why it was my favorite show.

3. Zac Posen
– Known for bold gowns that make a statement every season, that’s exactly what showed up on the runway. I adore this man, he brought sexy, sophistication, and class to the runway. Whether its a bold red or angelic white we know everything comes with a twist, that’s why I crown him King of NYFW.

4. Vera Wang
– Grace, Elegance, and Couture comes to mind when I think of the lovely Vera Wang. At fashion Week she took a bold risk against what she does, and it was a great risk, she usually have light toned gowns, but this year was dark neutrals with bits of bold coloring, and it was super stunning. Vera Wang always gets it right she is one my favorites.

There you have it my favorite shows of NYFW, I still have loads to talk about and they’ll be coming soon

Tell me what were your fave looks @NYFW?



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