5 Lipsticks To Die For!!!!


Ulta, MAC, L’Oreal, Maybelline anything comes to mind????
These popular makeup brands has graced the faces of models, and has conquered all the hearts of women’s beauty expectations.

Red, Pink, and Plum seems to be the popular colors of the year, and now that Autumn/ Fall has started here are 5 colors that every Fashionista should have in their beauty kit or sacred handbag.

1. Ravishing Red-
– Umm, Marilyn Monroe and other Hollywood starlets has made this color a beauty MUST, its are duty to keep this trend going. Red is definitely daring, but sophistication comes with that as well.
Be daring and put this color at the TOP of your list.

2. Hot Pink-
– This color is loved to the maxx and although its not really a Fall color, with all fall colors like; reds, browns, and more earth tones Pink helps give that extra UMPH. You need it, this color is definitely a must have!!!

3. NUDE-
– Keep your clothes on guys, this only applies to your lips. Nude has definitely shot to fame, its natural, and gives you the feeling of no makeup( which I Loovvee). This should be on every girls wishlist.

4. Purple/Plum-
– I like to call this color The Kardashians, sexy, fierce, and FAMOUS!!!
That’s all I need to say

5. Orange
– Orange is the Youtube of Lip color, it became popular overnight, and with Fall, you can bet to be a trendsetter. I tell you this color is meant to turn heads..

There you have it 5 colors to die for!!!


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