My Favorite Style Influencers!!!

Hi Lovelies,

I have been blogging for 2 years and have met numerous talented bloggers, and with social media its easy to connect with many other bloggers from around the world.
I think anyone who starts blogging or doing any project has to have inspiration, I for one have looked up to some of the biggest names in blogging and have listed my favorite ( they are not in order).

This list contains my 6 favorite style bloggers:
1. Let’s start with the Lovely Blonde Chiara Ferragni- The Blonde Salad
– This striking beauty is a expert at style, her blog The Blonde Salad takes fashion to a new high. She has brains and style, and when you se her blog all is put into play. I have been following her since Moschino had the McDonald’s inspired line. I adore Chiara she is amazing at what she does so keep doing it hun.
2. Sexiest Style Blogger Adam Gallagher- IamGalla
– This man knows his stuff, he travels looking Dapper than ever, his style game is strong and did I mention he’s a total Hunk….swoon ladies. I discovered Adam on Instagram, and I looked up his about page and found out he started blogging at 17 years old ….”Bing” I started my blog at 17 years old as well. Following him has been a joy, Keep on surprising us with your amazing style choices.
3. Chic Style Beauty isAimee Song- Song of Style
– Aimee is my Chic Style Guru, I have followed her since I started my blog, and she has been my stylespiration. She is definitely a expert, and her amazing fashion sense and take on all things fashion is what every girl wants to hear.

4. From Tomboy to ChicKate Cassidy- Tomboy KC
– Everygirl has a boyfriend Shirt or a dressy suit Kate shows the world you don’t have to be a boy to wear baggy jeans and suits, she simply makes it feminine and transforms from frumpy to fabulous. I love following her tips and tricks she is amazing turning a simple button up to something glamourous us what I live for. I love her ( and not just because she’s on my favorite TV show Arrow…”wink,wink”) style and I am a loyal follower.
5. Something Sweet, Something Chic Emily Schuman- Cupcakes and Cashmere
– Yummy….Emily is a Lifestyle blogger which means not only is her blog name delicious, she actually talks about food, style, food, glamour, oh did I mention Following her is taking “a kid to a candy store” she is simply delicious, people check out her blog if you haven’t already.
6. Trends and GlamourLeandra Medine- The Man Repeller
– I love this blog it shows trends, runway fashion, celeb fashion, anything fashion she has it. This blog is interesting, amazing and simply fabulous.


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