Leading Stylistas!!!!


Gwen, Sofia, Kerry, and Taylor, you have come to know them all these are leading ladies who have been on top all year long. Whether they’ve won a Grammy or Emmy, these women have showed they’re talents and amazing fashion.
They have succeeded in leadership, and I’m going to talk about it!!

1. Strong, Sexy, Scandal,…..Its Kerry Washington
_ Kerry Washington or her well known character Olivia Pope, has come out on top. She changes up her look and every change has worked for her beautifully. Keeping up with Kerry is amazing, she’s talented and strong, and so is her fashion game.

2. Bombshell Beauty..Sofia Vergara
_ Sofia, Sofia, Sofia, she’s not only beautiful with her amazing talent to make us laugh on Modern Family, she also dazzles us on the Red Carpet. Her street style is more white shirt, blue jeans, but Red Carpets she is the spotlight. Curves for days and a dazzling smile, she is always glorious to watch. Fashion is being able to make a plain tee and blue jeans look amazing, and she does it right every time. Continue to WOW! Us Sofia we’ll be watching…of course.

3. Rocker Chic..Holla Back Gwen Stefani
_ Where do I start, successful mother, fashion designer, No Doubt singer, I mean she is a glamourous machine. Gwen has rocked the world of fashion and music, we love her as a judge on the voice, we love her as a mother/wife, we just love everything..am I right? Gwen Stefani has the presence of a feminine, Edgy Rocker, which her image is her own. Gwen is amazing at what she does and I applaud her.

4. Guitar Glamour Goddess
_ Taylor Swift is the Sweetheart of Song, and the Diva of Fashion, she has won numerous Grammys and has been nominated for major awards like the Oscars. Taylor kills fashion, with her love for crop tops and glitter, she manages to always look amazing even if she’s just going to the store. Taylor has talents that end up with awards and Fashion is on the list.

These are my 4 fabulous Fashionistas, tell me who’s your favorite?



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