Shade Season!!!


Okay Lovelies,

It’s “Shade Season” and to stay on trend I have 3 pair that every girl need.

1. Rounded Shades
~ I like to call these ” My Parisian Lifestyle”, these glasses are definitely fabulous and perfect for the fall/winter weather. I think that everyone from Nicole Richie, to Kelly Osbourne has been seen with these glasses and like the stars, you can shine bright as well. I brought these glasses from Charlotte Russe.

2. The Aviators
~ The glasses that have been popular since The Terminator has simply perfected itself and can bee seen on Beyonce, Alessandra Ambrosio, and many other stars. You can simply put these on itself and it will get tons of attention. I brought these shades from Wetseal and they have done me justice.

3. Clear Lens
~ These glasses are simply to be chic and go for prices that range from $5-25 these are easy accessible. I brought these glasses from Forever21.

These are my favorite glasses of the season, what’s your favorite accessory for fall/winter?


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