Designer Fanatic!!

Moschino, Victoria Beckham, DVF, and Chanel, all big designer labels of the fashion world.
I think as an up and coming designer I look up to many designers and brands in hopes of being in the same category as them. As you know I love to draw, and I have a few additions to add to my many illustration collection and I want to share it with all of you Lovelies.

– The first drawing I did was a look inspired by classic Chanel, for any woman the LBD or little black dress is the meaning of classy and fabulous spoken by Coco Chanel, herself. Chanel has always been on the list as one of my favorite timeless design brands, and being inspired I just had to give my spin on the modern day Chanel Girl.
– Moschino has been one of my favorite brands, its colorful, bright, and creative. From McDonalds, to Barbie, to Spongebob, I think that they have the most creative spin on the things that I love( Food, dolls, and cartoons)lol. But, Moschino always seeks to surprise me. In this drawing I only hope to do this wonderful brand justice.
– The classic wrap dress by Diane Von Furstenberg is timeless. When drawing this dvf inspired wrap dress my hand was so shaky, not that I was nervous, but just the thought of Diane herself looking at picture and saying, ” that is absolutely fabulous” that is something to think right! DVF is one of my fave brands because its something that the everyday woman can wear and makes you feel like a woman as well.
Victoria Beckham
– Victoria, Victoria, Victoria, and not Victoria Secret(LOL) Victoria Beckham, Posh Spice, this lady is such a glamazon she manages being a mother, wife, a designer, and looks ageless, I have always looked up to her and her amazing eye of design. She has that NY since of style, but english approach which makes her all the more great. I really enjoyed drawing this picture, it literally took me 10 min to make, trust I’ve practiced before=)

Well lovelies, I hope you like my illustrations I really enjoyed sharing. Tell me which is your favorite?



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