I ♥Golden Globes!!

Hi Lovelies,

Happy New Year, I hope everyone has enjoyed this Holiday Season, I feel like I need to play catch up, because I haven’t posted in a while. In the new year of 2015 I get to start off on a clean slate, which means new fashion post, new beauty trends, and more celebrity galore. As you know, I love award season the beautiful gowns, mani cams, red carpets, celebs to die for, and great speeches, etc. The Golden Globes is the first major movie award red carpet that I get to share with you guys in the new year. But, with the new year new fashion thing, past years has left memorable fashion statements, that will go down in history, and I’m hear to *GUSH* about them.

Here are MY TOP 5! ( Enjoy Fashionistas)
*( These lovely women are not in order of most favorable, as they are all beautiful)
1. Sofia Vergara in Zac Posen (2014)
– Sofia Vergara wore Zac Posen who has the eye of fashion for women with curves, and Sofia definitely has hips that don’t lie. I feel this was a great choice for Sofia, before 2014 she wore a plenty of Fishtale gowns which had me thinking she for the longest time was the little Mermaid (lol). But this gown by Zac Posen was *jaw dropping* the entire time she looked as if she glided down the red carpet and her minimal hint of jewelry made it look effortlessly gorgeous. Also, congrats on Sofia’s engagement to True Bloods Joe Manganiello, can’t wait for that hot couple to steam up the red carpet.
2. Emma Watson in Dior Couture (2014)
– Emma Watson, she is so adorable but, her fashion choices are killa. When she walked the golden globes red carpet in 2014, I thought ” hmmm this dress will make best dressed” all of a sudden *BAMM* she turned around and the back was out she wore pants and then I thought ” she’s not going to make best dressed she’s gonna top the best dressed list and make fashion history.” I really thought how can you be so bold as to making a choice that haven’t been made quite like this. I really hope to see her again with something even fiercer.
3. Angelina Jolie in Versace (2011)
– Every time Angelina Jolie hits the red carpet its amazing, but her effortlessly chic ensembles have me at the edge of my seat every award show. Angelina Jolie is the definition of tres chic, and I think I know her favorite color. Angelina plays the color black to the maxx, but when I see her on red carpets she always seeks to amaze me. At 2011, golden globes she wore a Green Versace gown that shimmered and as I were all eyes were on the timeless actress and her handsome husband Brad Pitt. I am an Angelina Addict and her great choices and humble spirit just draws me closer to her. (Said in the least weird way possible.lol)
4. Lupita Nyongo in Ralph Lauren (2014)
– If I had to pick a fashionista who ruled 2014, it would go to Lupita. Award season was slayed by Lupita Nyongo and not only did she slay it was her first year being on the red Carpet, and she looked pro. When Lupita hit the carpet it was a moment that will be remembered she came with that gorgeous red caped gown and she looked absolutely beautiful. She is a trophy herself she won her first GG award and best fashion award (in my head). I can’t wait to see her again.
5. Charlize Theron in Dior (2011)
– As if the Dior beauty can’t get any more beautiful. Charlize showed up in Dior at GG 2014, and looked so beautiful. Charlize always hits it out the park in Dior and always wins. Charlize is like the fashionista who doesn’t really consider herself being a fashionista, but kills red carpet season every single time. Let me just say anyone who wears Dior is bound to look gorgeous.

There you have it my top 5 fashionistas who killed the Golden Globes in the past, can’t wait for this years GG to see the hopefully uexpected.



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