Everybody Get Golden (Golden ○ Globes)

Wow, lets set the scene; Its 6 pm and all E! Live is where all the star power is, I’m done up to the utmost of glam, I have my phone charged to the max, my hot mocha coffee beside me, and the smile of a Cheshire cat across my face:Dlol this was literally how I looked the entire night. The night of the Golden Globes 2015 showcased a lot of the bold, beautiful, and there are the ones who missed the fashion mark, but let me save my breath on te bad, and lets talk about the good.

Top 10 Best Dressed at the Golden Globes

1○ Emma Stone in Lanvin
♡ If I’m not mistaken In my last post I remember saying no one will make the bold statement of wearing pants to the Golden Globes… well I am wrong sometimes. Emma Stone took a bold risk with her fashion this year and wore a pantsuit. This is why I love Emma shes a sweetheart to many and a daredevil when it comes to fashion, she knows whatbshe likes and wows! Many of us all the time. Her in this Lanvin ensemble was so gorgeous and best of the night.

2○ Emily Blunt in Micheal Kors
♡ Everytime I think of Emily Blunt, all I think is The Devil Wears Prada, so that being said to me Emily Blunt can do no wrong, mand she proved that Sunday night. Being that she was nominated, she looked like a winner to me because everything exuded confidence. Emily styled in Michael Kors was pure perfection and was one of my favorites of the night.

3○ Jessica Chastain in Altier Versace
♡ My red headed fashionista, Jessica wore a metallic Versace gown and looked perfection. I think that she looked beautiful the color was great, her hair was amazing, and she walked with confidence. I think that this ensemble was great with minamilistic accessories. Jessica Chastain is very talented and looked how a hollywood starlet is suppose to look.

4○ Katie Holmes in Marchesa
♡ I love Marchesa, and when I found out Katie Holmes was wearing it, my mind was blown. Katie looked so gorge in that wine colored marchesa gown, and that sleek ponytail gave her major style points. She looked so beautiful I felt she wasn’t on best dressed list she owned best dressed list.

5○ Viola Davis in Donna Karan Altier
♡ How to get away with being Fabulous…Viola knows. I’m a big fan of Viola Davis and her style is amazing. Viola looked beautiful in Donna Karan, and the way she swayed along the red carpet red against red was beautiful. I loved what Viola Davis wore and she looked so gorgeous, she was my lovely lady in red.

6○ Amy Adams in Versace
♡ Amy has been on fire last year she conquered with winning American Hustle, and this year with Big Eyes. Not only has she been conquering in film but in fashion as well. That pale blue Versace gown was so gorgeous it brought out her blue eyes, and her hair was beautiful like perfection. Amy has shown the world she not a winner in just movies, fashion is on her resume.

7○ Julianne Moore in Givenchy
♡ Star Power that describes Julianne Moore to the max. Julianne wore this beautiful detailed Givenchy gown and looked so beautiful. Another of my favorite red heads as well as designer. I thought Julianne embodied movie star glam and dressed perfection on Sunday night, its no surprise she made it in my top 10 favorites.

8○ Allison Williams in Armani Prive
♡ She played Peter Pan?? The Girls actress looked likedna vision in red. Allison looked like a modern day princess, her hair embodied old hollywood and was definitely one of my favorites. I usually don’t like ruffles but this dress was to die for. I love this dress its definitely a best dressed winner.

9○ Amal Clooney in Dior
♡ Amal first red carpet.., cant be!! Amal looked so stunning as I envisioned her. People were giving her heat about her white gloves, but all I could see was “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” and they were handmade. I loved Amal first red carpet with her new hubby (no longer bachelor) George Clooney. I thought they looked amazing and cant wait for them to step out again.

10○ Jenna Dewan-Tatum in Carolina Herrera
♡ Jenna is one hot mama, she looked so gorge in that yellow Carolina gown. At first I was a little”iffy” about the dress it wasnt bad but the longer I looked at the dress the more I fell in love, and noticed the train, and I love a dramatic train on a gown. She had her hubby (sexiest man alive) Channing Tatum hold her train because of how long it was, (what a good husband). She looked very beautiful, best dressed for me.

There you have it my top 10 best dressed at the Golden Globes 2015, see you again when I talk all SAG award best dressed.


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