SAG Awards: Fashion Roundup


Hi Lovelies,
The SAG Awards was just this past Sunday and between watching the awards and doing homework, my eyes were basically back and forth. The Red Carpet was really great even though Giuliana Rancic, who is my favorite host, didn’t do the red carpet this year, Maria Menounos took over.

The fashion was gorgeous and while the trend seem to be red, white, and violet their were only a few favorites, and werked the red carpet. Here are my top 5 favorites.

– Emma Stone is definely a fashionista who seems to do no wrong. At the Golden Globes she wore a romper by Lanvin, this time she wears a beautiful gown by Dior she is just perfection I couldn’t find one thing wrong with her look which is why she’s #1.

2. Felicity Jones BALENCIAGA
– With her award winning movie in The Theory of Everything, she has definitely been the talk of the moment. Her great performance is getting noticed greatly, but so is her style. When she walked the carpet in the pale pink Balenciaga gown I automatically thought “best dressed.” I think she’s my “Lupita” of this year.

3. Keira Knightley ERDUM
– I’ve always loved Keira Knightley, she just the sweetest in interviews, and her red carpet looks are always my favorite designers from Chanel to Dior. I love her pregnancy style and she said that being comfortable is best while she’s pregnant, and I think that she right, and wearing this violet gown that swayed across red carpet was beautiful.

4. Rosamund Pike DIOR
– Another Dior fashionista, Rosamund Pike, looked gorgeous all that detail and the high- low trend was beautiful. I kind of have a problem with fashion police, they grilled this dress and I think that this dress was actually a great look for her. At the golden globes she wore a white gown with cutouts and this award she played against her body, everything was tailored perfectly and she took a risk because some gowns don’t photograph well, but this one did. Beautiful!!

5. Sarah Hyland VERA WANG
– Though she’s not in the collage she rounds out my top 5. She looked so beautiful, but its no doubt that she’s experienced to these sort of events, I mean just look at her character Haley Dumphy from Modern Family. Sarah looks more beautiful every year and manages to always get it right. Eleganza!!


These are my top 5 Favorites of the SAG Awards 2015, who were your favorites?


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