GRAMMYS🏆🎤💄👠Fashion Winners

I’m counting down my favorite Stylistas I can’t wait to see on the Grammy’s tonite at 8 o’clock. Let’s get started shall we….

💋💋Taylor Swift💋💋
– Taylor is one who needs no introduction. Taylor will be performing at the Grammy’s tonight and I can explain my excitement. I love seeing Swift on the red carpet she glides with her sparkly gowns and that dazzling smile😁. My gorgeous songstress always gets it right on the red carpet. She is bound to get it right yet again, and she can shine her award along with her fashion win tonight. Last year she released her album “1989”, and with her big “tour” that’s bound to come is just the start of another great year💜💜

– Queen B has been on the run😁 she’s up for 8 nominations and will be performing at the Grammy’s. Last year was big for the Glamorous Beyonce, she released her album and sold over a million on Itunes, and she had the biggest tour eeverr….now I know why she’s Queen B. I 💜💜💜💜B as well as the world.
– MOTHER MONSTER…Lady Gaga reminds me of what I love….ART🎨 Every year she blows my mind, she is a couture dream, and though what she wears is not considered “Normal” I think she plays with fashion, and that’s what I love about her. She will be performing with Tony Bennett this year so I think her fashion might be toned down but still GAGA-ISH.
💄🏆Bad Girl Riri
– Bad Gal Riri is just that, with her killer voice and RISQUE fashion choices, how can the world not love her. Whether she wants to be good or bad is debatable, but we all know she ends up killing everything she goes for. Rihanna will be performing her new single with the legend Paul McCartney and Kanye West. Can’t wait to see her, the world will be watching



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