The Oscars Best/Worst Dressed


My favorite awards show is just in 2 days and I’m prepared to see fashion, nominees, and celebs galore. The Oscars will be hosted by none other than funny man himself Neil Patrick Harris, and while this year we have new faces that are nominated for their 1st Oscar like Felicity Jones, and Emma Stone, I can count to see some good from these fashionistas, including a lot more stars like Rosamund Pike, and Lady Gaga. But, when there’s the best there’s also the worst.

• lets take a look back on the good and bad of the Oscars, and trust me there was some bad moments. Here are my top 10 favorite of the Oscars.

• While I can’t talk about them individually, I can only sum it up in one word..”FLAWLESS.” these women look so chic ranging from the years of 2007 to 2014. I mean Lupita Nyong’o was crowned Queen when it came to her red carpet style, and it still remains her title. I mean her twirling in that beautiful Prada gown was on point, she remains one of my timeless favorite. Who remembers that gorgeous embellished gown that Cate Blanchett wore to the Oscars via 2011? I Do, in fact like the regal goddess she is, Cate Blanchett never looks bad on the red Carpet, she knows her angles to pull that perfect picture of the dress and I applaud that. All these women that have made best dressed have made it a thousand times before, these top 10 beauties will remain in fashion history.


•If you haven’t noticed by now, this is Worst dressed😯
° When its a big red carpet such as The Oscars, you can count on someone showing up in a way that’s not going to be on best dressed.
I mean Anne Hathaway gets an exception because her change was last minute, BUT, when you’re nominated its best to look your best and this was not her moment. The cut of Anne’s dress was so wrong, and you could see the peekaboo nipple, it was just wrong. Bjork, Bjork, Bjork, this tops the worst dressed, this was the ugliest dress for the red carpet and then she had a nude body suit on, this is not something for the red carpet, terrible. Helena Bonham Carter is one of those people you kind of look for to wear something unusual but this is just overwhelming. I will let thepictures do the talking, because this is very draining.

° With the red carpet coming so soon, I am preparing my voice for the OMG! Moments, because I know I’m going to have them, be sure to tune in next week to see who made best dressed this year💋💋



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