The Oscars 2015: Best Dressed

The Oscars this year set the maxx on funny, fashion, and movies. Neil Patrick Harris brought the funny and the stars brought the fashion. From pales to rouge to monochromatic fashion, those seem to be the color scene for the Oscars 2015, and I think it all was right.
But before the funny happened inside the building, all thing fashion happened on the Red Carpet. Last nights fashion was breathtaking, and to me I think this year is the first year for me that there was no bad fashion, no worst dressed, so this just makes my job even easier.

Let’s take a look at some showstoppers on the Red Carpet.


• These are my first group of favorites and looking at the picture can’t you tell?
– Lupita Nyong’o just OOZES easy fashionista, she’s able to pull off the hardest and makes it look easy, she was a presenter at the Oscars, but to me she looked as if she was a nominee, Oscar winning look goes to……Miss Lupita Nyong’o. Lupita wore Calvin Klein and this looked so beautiful, sources told E! That this dress was covered in 6,000 pearls, OMG! that’s a number that would blow you away. She looked amazing. Another one of my favorites was Emma Stone in Elie Saab. This awards season she has been killing it in the Fashion Department, from wearing Dior, to a Lanvin pantsuit to now a beautiful embellished gown by Elie Saab. She was a nominee for her supporting role in “Birdman” and this is how a nominee dresses, she almost had more gold on her than the Oscars statue, lol. Emma looked so beautiful, and being that this was her first time as a nominee, she looked like a pro. Next, is Jennifer Aniston, she surprised me a lot. She showed up on the Red Carpet in that beautiful Pale White Gown with so much crystalized embellishments, she wore Altier Versace and totally owned her look. I thought she was going to wear a pantsuit or a black dress, she totally amazed me as well as the world. I thought this was an amazing choice. Lastly of this first group is Keira Knightly in Valentino. Now, her usual go-to is Chanel, but I think her choice of Valentino was very flattering for her growing baby bump. At first I didn’t think much of the dress, but then I looked at some more pics of it and it looked really beautiful.

• Let’s start with the Regal, and beautiful Cate Blanchett in Armani. I love everything about Cate Blanchett, she’s beautiful, a wonderful actress, and a Regal beauty, and to top that a fashionista. This simple black gown that she chose to wear was so elegant and the pop of Turquoise blue necklace was the bow on the present. I love her, and by now everything she does is right. Next , a nominee and winner Julianne Moore in Custom Chanel Haute Couture she looked so beautiful in that white gown with the embellishments. I thought this was a very beautiful gown and it was tailored to perfection, I couldn’t find anything wrong with this gown#PERFECTION. Mrs. Giuliana Rancic who always looks gorgeous, looked so beautiful in the Red Gown with lace detailing. I love that gown she wore to host the red carpet, it look so beautiful, she’s the reason I’m in love with everything E!.

• The ladies in Red, which seemed to be the dominant color of the evening, looked beautiful. Rosamund Pike looked stunning in Givenchy she has been killing it this award season, I mean she just had a baby not so long ago, and its hard to tell. I think this was amazing and the tailoring, the color, the detail all looked perfect against the red carpet. Lady Gaga looked so beautiful in ALAIAshe performed at the Oscars and did a wonderful job. She wore leather red/rust gloves and I think that I wouldn’t like it on anyone else but her. Just getting engaged, and performing just about everywhere, she never looked more gorgeous. Another one of my favorites was Behati Prinsloo in Armani. I thought that deep rose red, and her makeup looked Flawless. She looked so elegant, and fierce. Pulling off the middle part in her hair, which was popular on the Runway at NYFW. I think she looked amazing, Best Dressed. Lastly is the beautiful and talented Anna Kendrick in Custom Thakoon. She was the first on the red carpet and I never forgot her. She looked so beautiful, I think this may be her best look ever, she looked like the star that she is and I applaud her for pulling off this look. Out of all my favorites this was in my top 5.

** okay lovelies, I showed you my favorites, but who were yours at the Oscars 2015?



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