Hi Lovelies,

Springtime is here, the sun, everything’s warm…- Olaf

I agree with Olaf, warm weather is the best☀☀☀ and so is its fashion. This post is all about Spring Inspiration, and trust me there’s a ton of looks!!!

Let’s Get Stated, shall we!


• Beginning, the Spring the first fashion trend that always catches my eye are…BLAZERS. Blazers are the statement piece of clothing that holds an outfit together. Blazers come, in basically, all colors of the rainbow, and you can wear a blazer with anything, a dress, your favorite boyfriend jeans, or the
cute shorts that every girl has in their closet, a blazer being paired with an outfit can up your fashion level from a 2 to a 10. Blazers are worn by the biggest stars from Beyonce to Kim Kardashian and so on and so forth. Trust me Blazers are the “IT”trend of warm weather, and its great to have this in your closet this season.


• This next trend is more for the color, when you think Spring of course the colors are bright Pinks, yellows, and every eccentric color, but runway Spring colors are pale pinks, peach, and nudes. Though, the Spring goes to obvious bright colors, 2015 Spring will be “Chicer” than ever. This year nudes and pale colors have been ruling the fashion scene, so this is a color to keep in mind. Nudes work well with darker tones like black, and, deep dark blues, Unless you’re looking to just “go for it” then white and other pale tones will look great.


” Florals, for the Spring…Groundbreaking”- Miranda Priestly
I couldn’t have said it better myself, Miranda. Florals are the go to trend for the Spring, and it has been for a while, but being that its 2015 its time to put an edge on that flower print. Florals I think can be played with a lot, and here’s why, I think people are afraid to mix florals with another bold print, because if not paired right it can come off as TACKY, and it can but if you pair it with another subtle print like; stripes or lace, in any color, its bound to turn heads. Play up the Spring with mixing patterns, its taking risk that makes spring trends fun.


• Okay, some people think that you should pair a skirt with heels, Crazy RightI mean who wants to walk around the mall with heels, or go to the Grocery store in heels, unless you’re following in the footsteps of Victoria Beckham, more power to you, but in all realness you want to be comfortable. Skirts whether there form fitting, or loose flair outs they always can be made playful if you like flats pair it with flats, if you like sneakers put on your Nikes, or Converse, and strut your walk. I like skirts, they are very versatile and can be worn in all sorts of styles. Springtime is the perfect time to wear skirts, because its warm enough and you can still pair it with a long sleeve.

– Spring time is here and its time for Spring cleaning, finding newer trends, pulling that bikini out and lying under the sun. I know my favorite Spring trends, but what’s your favorite, tell me in comments


Photo Credit: photos from Seventeen Magazine


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