March Beauty Buys!!

Hi Lovelies,

– So its officially Spring Break, and I get to enjoy a week with NO work, No Class, No school, for a week ( the sweet smell of Springtime relaxation). All spring long I’m going to be talking my head off about ALL THINGS SPRING that means fashion trends, beauty, and shopping.

So, this past Saturday, I shopped at Target and came across tons of beauty products, but because of a budget, I only brought a minimum of beauty trends.


• The first buy I want to talk is Eyeliner. Its hard deciding which eyeliner to buy because its so many. I stayed in the same place for 30 min trying to decide between Rimmel London, Maybelline, and Covergirl, When it comes to makeup, I like paying for quality, so if its a few bucks more than cheaper eyeliners I’m going to get the one I think has more benefits. Rimmel Londons eyeliner was $3.99 which is a great price, but Covergirls which was $5.99, came with the ultimate benefits, and it was waterproof, which is a +. If I wouldn’t have decided I would’ve compared on LOL!


• Spring time is Lipstick season, I brought 5 different lipcolors that ranged from Red to Plum. I love NY maybelline products, they’re affordable, and rich in color. Eventually, I had to move from the beauty section because I would’ve brought every color. This lipsticks were $5 a piece, and that’s a great price, compared to MAC cosmetics ( which I love) that are $20. I love buying lipstick, its the ultimate painting tool of making you feel gorgeous, even with messy hair, and a huge t shirt.


• I love flat ironing my hair, and I love using the newest products even more, this only equals to the new L’oreal heat protectant spray. I’ve been loving this product since forever ( its only been 2 weeks) and the fact that Eva Longoria Parker is advertising and endorsing this product, it must be great. This spray was $4.75 ( great price!!Right), this comes with great benefits, heat protector, it keeps protein in your hair, this is great. I can’t wait to use this, ASAP.

How do you like my Spring beauty buys so far? What’s your favorite Spring beauty product?



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