Spring Trend: F A U X • L E A T H E R


Hi Lovelies,

Spring is here, and I have been studying the trends to stay chic, through Spring weather. Leather has been my favorite for the longest, and its not just a material to wear in the Winter.

Leather is definitely a piece that has to be worn right✔✔ otherwise it can be considered TACKY or extremely overwhelming.
Stars like Blake Lively, Rihanna, Beyonce, and so many others, have taken a gander at wearing this trend, and if they can wear it so can we.

I pulled some pieces from H & M, which is considerably my favorite boutique


-These to leather pieces are very on trend, they are on the h&m website, and are now on sale for no more than $20, “why pay like a celebrity, when you can look just as good for less, am I right?” Leather is very trendy, you can wear it with crop tops and plaid shirts, mixing and matching is definitely a go to this spring.
Leather can be worn all spring because its faux leather, so instead of being HOTT, you’ll just look hot.

Enjoy Springtime guys, and get into Leather..(FAUX)😁😁♥♥



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