ZENDAYA has definitely changed the way we look at Fashion. Zendaya has shown that taking risk is definitely a way to express yourself and make a statement, So, how does the “Replay” singer do it?

– The “Replay”singer, has starred in the latest 2015 campaign for the edgy “Material Girl.” She is definitely serving up Spring fashion, and with all her latest looks its keeping us up with all the latest trends.
Zendaya is named one of the most influencal fashionistas of our time, and shows that fashion is fun and doesn’t have to be “Snooty” to win Best Dressed. In the Material Girl campaign, she debuts cuff jeans( not to brag, but I did the cuff pants, I’m on trend), Floral Dresses, and all the latest in the Sassy collection.

• This Spring, Cuff Jeans, Spring Florals, Acid Wash Shorts/Jeans, and Crop Tops ( all the trends you need in your closet…You’re Welcome!!)
– *Stay Fabulous!!


Photo Credit: Teen Vogue Magazine Images


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