GNO(Girls Night Out) by: Khadijah Davis


Hi Lovelies,

I have been bit by the “creative bug” Ive been drawing so much, I haven’t done a OOTD post since easter( its okay May 1 I should have one out)😍😍
Okay, when you think GIRLS NIGHT OUT, what comes to mind? A day put with your girls, slumber party, the Vogue event, well this has been my muse for these drawings that I’m sharing with my favorite readers( Its you guys♥♥).
– These illustrations have been inspired by my favorite fashionistas of Hollywood and Bloggers.

* The Paris Fashion Week Illustration is actually in my last post, so I replaced it with this #Coachella inspired fashionista, I hope you enjoy my illustrations, tell me what you think, I love hearing Critiques♥♥ and be on the look out for May 1( Not only for the Avengers movie) but for my OOTD post, I have lots a fashion goodies I want to share😋😋



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