What’ in the Bag??

Hi Lovelies,

I know I havent been consistent with posting these past few weeks, but I promise to make it up😊
I recently have been looking at numerous post I’ve done and some of my favorite bloggers, and noticed I haven’t posted any post about what I have in my bag, which Ive been seeing alot lately. Well, today wait no longer, because I will definitely be posting about that.

Well as you guys know, Spring is nearly over and its almost SUMMER TIME, you know the Sun, everythings hot, ice cream, shorts, the beach and all that good stuff. It seems though its Summer, its the busiest season of them all, and you might want to pack/ carry wherever you may be going the best products and reads.
Camera HDR Studio - 1433936771072

During the summer, or any day I always carry some sort of magazine, and this month, I’ve really been in love with the Marie Claireissue on Rachel McAdams, they have a great spread on her from her days as a Mean Girl, to now, and its really great.
Nextt, Hand sanitizer is always a plus to take, because there are so many germs in the world, and during the Summer, I’m always prone to get sick so I carry 2 hand sanitizers with me. At Bath & Body Works there’s a 5 for $5 on hand sanitizers, and that is amazing because they have so many delicious smells, and if its one thing I like is delicious smelling sanitizers.

Dry Skin is a hazard, so its always good to take lotion, I prefer to take scented lotion, like the one shown in the pic above, I believe I got it from Bath & Body Works for $5.50, which is a great price, and its so cute to carry around.(Excuse my dramatics over cute pocket size items)😊😊
Camera HDR Studio - 1433937358422
Camera HDR Studio - 1433937544857

Niveais such a light weight moisturizer its filled with Vitamin E, and Shea Butter, which are magnificent ingredients for your skin. I suggest that everyone use this, because it gets the job done, and its not oily, super light weight, and a great natural scent to it.❤

Camera HDR Studio - 1433937157385

Lastly, I love my lips, and its good that I keep them protected, I love creating the perfect pout, for those summer selfies, so I carry a lipgloss, and a lipstick. I carry both because the lipstick is for reapplying my color, and the gloss is for the pout. I have been in love with Elf cosmetics, they’re affordable, and gets the job done, I brought this lipgloss for $2, and that is way better than spending $18 on MAC lipgloss. I love lipgloss, and lipstains, but I love a great price even more

Here are some links to some of the products
“http://www.bathandbodyworks.com/product/index.jsp?productId=57384626″ target=”_blank”>
Lipgloss: “http://www.eyeslipsface.com/elf/lips/gloss/hypershine_gloss”>

Hope you enjoy this post, as much as I love sharing it. Hopefully this is helpful💕💕❤



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