JUNE Favorites: Beauty/ Non-Beauty


Hi Lovelies,

Okay, I know I dont usually do post about my favorites in anything but, fashion, but June has definitely been a month of favorites, and I cant wait to share my beauty faves and non beauty faves❤❤


Lets start with my favorite Beauty products. So, first are the Maybelline New York Baby lips these are my favorite lip products for the month of June. I love the Babylips simply because its light, but still addsshine and moisture which are definitely needed in the HOT HOT season of S U M M E R☀☀ They come in different YUMMY flavors from Cherry, to Pink Lemonade, and adds a wonderful smell ( GREAT! now i’m hungry for something sweet), these are a great product, and are highly recommended. Next, is my favorite Mascara Covergirls Clump Crusher yes its kind of an old product, but it remains my favorite. Covergirl’s Clump Crusher is super natural, and not heavy at all, it brings out your natural lashes, and gives you a look, that is Beyond AMAZING. Lastly, I want to talk about another one of my mascaras which is by Rimmel London this mascara gives you that eye drama, which is MAJOR. I love this mascara, it makes my brown eyes pop, and gives me the look of a movie star (Which I am by the way…..well at least in my head ☺) Anywho, this is a great product, and promise that it gets the job done.

Well thats it for my Beauty Faves, now on to the Non Beauty Faves



First, my June subscription to Seventeen magazine came just in time, as you can see BELIEBERS Justin Beiber is the cover model, this was a great issue, if you haven’t picked it up at your nearest news stand, pick it up soon, it features a plenty of fashion trends, and a spread on the latest of Justin Beiber. Next, are my mirrored sunnies, I know you have seen me wear them a Gazillion times in my JUNE ootd’s, but these are beyond my favorite shades, they go with everything I wear, they’re super cute, and totally on trend❤ I adore these shades, they are literally amazing (just sayin).


“These are not just Blue, there COLBALT
Lastly, lets talk shoes!! I am definitely a shoe type of girl, so you can only imagine my face when I got these Colbalt wedges/sandals in the mail(😀😃😄😘😍😂). I love these Shoes, from Shoedazzle, for a 5″ heel these are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. I love these shoes, and if you’re a shoe girl like me, I think you will like them as well.


Well thats all I have for my June favorites, I hope you enjoyed it, and always glad to share❤❤



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