Hi Lovelies,

I have really been busy, this summer, I’ve been getting ready for my fall semester in college, talking to friends ( you guys, of course), Oh, and did I mention collaborating with some great companies that are looking for fashion bloggers.

I recently did a fashion haul for ROMWE which was amazing to do, well Im going to be doing a fashion haul wishlist, for SHEIN, if you haven’t heard about them, this post will definitely have you speeding to their site.



• Okay, when it comes to these shirts I nearly died I mean Spongebob Sweater lets try and remember who brought Spongebob to the runway and made it fashionable……MOSCHINO AKA JEREMY SCOTT. I really like this sweater and though its Summer, crop sweaters can be paired with shorts or skirts, and turned into a summer look, ( I mean come on, it’s SPONGEBOB!!!). The next is just a white crocheted crop top with lace, I would probably pair this top with just some shorts, or maxi skirt, either way its super cute. The last shirt is one of my favorites A Minion Sweatshirt, I am Minion crazy, I love everything, if I could speak minion 24/7 I totalllywould. This sweater is definitely amazing ( beedo..beedo….beeddoo)😘😘😄


• When it comes to handbags, I don’t really need them( because I only take literally 3 things) so I prefer clutches, and these clutches are both statements in my heart😍😍. The first clutch is so deliicciousss and made for anyones wadrobe. Its an Orange clutch, not just the color, but literally an Orange. I love these fruit clutches #FRUITOBSSESSION I love it, I saw a watermelon clutch in my June issue of Seventeen Magazine, and have been in love ever since. The next is a Transparent Clutch, which is another runway famous trend. I love these bags, I have been looking for one of these bags, that seems like forevver, but this one is definitely worth waiting.


• Lastly of my wishlist is all about that base. I am a “Jean type of girl so of course are Boyfriend Jeans, these are worn by every celebrity I love Rihanna, Gwen Stefani, Pink, etc. I love these jeans they dont fit tight, and they are perfect to wear with crop tops. Next is just a simple Neon mini skirt which are perfect for the summer. Blazers are always nice to have, which is why I chise this Peach Blazer. And lastly, is this Flare dress, and I think that I mainly like it for the print, it reminds me of a chic blossom flower type of print.

Heres the links to the clothing items (GO NUTS!!😃)

1.Boyfriend Blazer-
2.Neon Green Flare Skirt-
3.Minion “Beedo” Sweatshirt-
4.Distressed Boyfriend Jeans-
5.Orange Clutch-
6.Floral Zipper Flare Dress-
7.Transparent Clutch-
8.Crotched/ Lace Cami Top-

Well, guys I hope you enjoyed my fashion haul/ wishlist, be sure to like this post, and tell me whats your favorite Summer item/product.🍉🍍💋



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