Hi Loves,

The Summer is the best time to try the latest trends in beauty, fashion, hair, to prepare for the Fall. I have gotten some really great products to talk about complimentary of Influencer. Being that I was accepted to try the Rimmel London Voxbox I am only super excited to show you what I have.😊
• First thing I poulled from this amazingg box was VolumeFlash Scandal Eyes Waterproof Mascara. Believe me when I say, this is the best of Rimmel Londons mascaras this year, this mascara glides from root to tip, without giving the appearance of heavy clumped lashes. I love this mascara when I tried it, my eyes popped instantly ( Big, Bold Brown eyes)😉😉.
• Next, is Rimmel London’s Stay Glossy lipgloss. Want luscious lips, this is the product, guys. I try alot of lipsticks and glosses, (more than 30+ monthly), this is the shine that has been missing from my collection. I love this gloss, it glides over my lips, stays on for longer than 6 hours, and (big problem with alot of glosses)Its not STICKY. I do recommend this product to anyone who is a gloss kinda person.💋💋
• Last is Bronzer, not just any bronzer Natural Sun Kissed Bronzer. I’m a summer lover, I love the sun, the beach, the weather, but Ive been really trying to find something that was gonna give me that Jennifer Lopez glow or Kim Kardashians sun kissed look, this product does the trick with just 1 application. When it comes to bronzers its always a problem, with how to match it with your skin color, to give you the perfect glow, but this matches perfectly. The one that is shown, that I have is 020 Sunshine, and it completely gives me the sunshine look. This bronzer is waterproof, and stays on for 10+ hours. This is definitely on the list for best products of July.

Well, thats all FOLKS!! these are all the products in my Rimmel London Voxbox, hope you liked this post. And tell me whats your favorite summer product in comments.😍😍😊



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