Vanity Fair Best Dressed: My Top 5 Picks


Vanity Fair just made the 2015 International Best dressed list (thats a mouthful). And though it featured so many stylish celebrities, there’s 5 in particular that stand out allthe time.
Here’s my Top 5 picks from the list
“The International Style Star”
• Amal Clooney, is at the top of the list, Why?you ask, lets see, she’s an accomplished international human rights lawyer, married to George Clooney (Hello), and has not made one single misstake far as fashion. On her first major Red Carpet it was breathtaking that she wore Dior with the look of simplicity, elegance, and drama to the Oscars 2015. Amal has a great since odf style while wearing the biggest names in fashion from Giambattista Valli, to Stella McCartney. I really love her style, which makes her number 1 in my style book.

“The Rebellious Rockstar”
• Rihanna, is a style genius, she takes the cake for being one of my favorite style stars. Rihanna can wear Couture, street clothes, and Nothing, and she can still be one of my favorites. She has worn Zac Posen,Chanel, and Dior (which she is the face of). From red carpets to the street, she has made it cool to dress how you want, and be DARING to the maxx.

The Biggest Star”
• Theres no doubt Taylor Swift is one of the biggest stars on the planet, and so is her style. 2015 has been Taylor’s year, she has won countless awards, a number 1 international album “1989”, a world tour, and now 2 Vanity Fair spreads, and did I mention she’s dating Calvin Harris(No big deal). Taylor shocks in the best of ways, performing at Victoria Secret fashion show, showed that she can be Sexy, but far as red carpets and streetstyle, she looks like she rolled out of a magazine every single time. To me, I haven’t seen Taylor make me think twice about her outfit choices at all. #Stylegoalsforlife.

The Editorial Sweetheart
• I love Emma Stone, I think that she’s super funny, and a great actor, without even trying…I can say the same about her sense of style. Emma is a editorial favorite. She’s able to wear the biggest names in fashion Lanvin, Chanel, Ellie Saab, but Emma always seem to obtain her sweet personality, and strong presence. Emma is on my faves list for a reason.

The Posh Fashionista
• Now, I can’t make a list of my faves without putting, the woman who creates the list. Victoria Beckham is one of my favorite designers of all time. She creates the most simplistic, and sophisticated collections on the Runway, and that goes to her streetstyle as well. Victoria maintains the balance of being married to David Beckham (No Biggie!!), 4 kids (all adorable), and a successful clothing line. Victoria is my queen of style, I get super excited about her style, because she dresses classic but puts her own modern twist on it.

Have you seen the Vanity Fair Best dressed list? Who was your favorite on the list? Remember to like this post, and comment your favorite style star.



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