DressLink Wishlist x Collaboration


Hi Lovelies,

I have some super Exciting News So, recently I have been contacted by DressLinkwhich sales the trendiest styles for seriously low prices, if you love celebrities this would be the site for you. I have been ask to collaborate as a fashion blogger for their company, and this is really important to me, to share it with you guys first. I will be sharing OOTD’s, and the latest in fashion for this high rated website (by the way, this is also an app, so you can get the lowdown right at your finger tips).

Recently, I have been asked to create a wishlist of 5+ items that I love, and though I wish to show you a Gazillion different pieces, I’ll only be showing you guys, my Top 6, sounds fair…Well, then lets get started.

1. Daisy Printed Tassle Shorts
2. Bohemian Styled Maxi Dress
3.Kitty Crop Top
4. 2 Piece Matching Romper
5. Floral Romper
6. Kimono

If you guys like what you see, I really hope you check out DressLink. The links to the items in the post are at the bottom, so feel free to shop these amazing sales. Also, be sure to LIKE this post and COMMENT your favorite items❤

1. Daisy Printed Tassel Shorts- http://goo.gl/gcsRvJ
2. Bohemian Maxi Dress- http://goo.gl/mQWLwR
3. Kitten Crop Top- http://goo.gl/arZUr2
4. 2 Piece Romper- http://goo.gl/BLCm05
5. Floral Romper- http://goo.gl/iAdAJh
6. Kimonos- http://goo.gl/RTYURZ


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